Kuda Man 2

Kuda Man 2 Wallpaper

"Kuda Man 2" for the second time, Tokka Cinema we created a short film. We are writing this work as a result of a vast effort, stunned by the intensity of international cinema.

"Tokka Cinema" is A small team in Sri Lanka, with similar creations and a different story, created a short film called "Kuda Man 2". We invite you to watch these short films that our Second created a new experiment.

Story about a...........

Dimitri is a businessman who is doing his own business and doing another illegal activity. Actually, this business is about Drug trafficking. There are a large number of employees working under Dimitri. The head of them is a "Tiger". Tiger is leading the first place on all of the secrets of Dimitri.

Lukshan Kavindu
Abhi Senadeera
Manu Karunarathne
Lakshan Perera
Gayan Chathuranga
Avishanka Madawa
Prabath Niroshan
Dilanka Rukshan

Full Story & Film Directing, Editing - Tokka Cinema

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